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Every Shitty Thing by Marcia Abboud is the heartbreaking and triumphant journey of a woman who grew up in Sydney in the 70s and experienced emotional turmoil. At a very early age she suffered betrayal, abuse, and gradually learned to hate herself. She found an escape in food, always dreaming of running off someday. In this memoir the author captures with ruthless clarity her experience of a lifetime of betrayal and deception, lifting the veil to let readers see her pain and captivating them as she makes the passage from despair to hope, finally finding love along the way.

Marcia Abboud speaks from her pain and from the very center of her vulnerability, a place she’s learned to receive both joy and heartache. It is interesting to see the transformation she undergoes, refusing to be defined by her pain. In this memoir she explores themes of family, abuse, brotherhood, the quest for happiness, self-acceptance, and solitude, sharing raw emotions with readers and presenting them with a heart in pain. But this is also a story of hope, a memoir with a strong message, one that encourages readers to never stop loving themselves, to let their wounds open because then healing flows into other areas of their life. The prose is beautiful and the scenes are vividly described and focused. Every Shitty Thing: One Woman’s Journey Through Brothers, Betrayals and Botox will uplift you and increase your hope for a better tomorrow. Inspiring and gripping!