Kathryn Bennett – Readers’ Favorite

Every Shitty Thing by Marcia Abboud sets out to remind everyone that sometimes the hardest of our trials sets us up for our greatest moments. Marcia learned at a young age that the men in her life could not be trusted, for anything other than disappointment and pain. Growing up in 1970s Sydney, she learned fast that the only place she could really find peace was in food. Marcia had every reason to lie down and let the shit that happens in life steamroll over her as it had since she was a child. Except as it would turn out, Marcia had one thing to fight for in the end, something that could have truly pushed her over the edge but instead was a foundation of rebuilding; her daughter.

I will openly admit that I chose to read this book because the title was something that I could relate to. The moment I read the title I said to myself, “Well, ain’t that the truth – looks like a straightforward story here,” and I was not disappointed. Marcia is a straight shooter who does not sugarcoat anything and that is something I find so relatable. Her story seems to leap off the pages as you read and you can feel yourself walking along the path her life takes as if you are her invisible friend, observing or at least listening to her spin the story instead of reading about it. To me, those are the best stories, the ones that make you feel part of them.

This is a very real look at life and how it can kick all of us any time it wants, whatever age we are. However, I came away from this book with a message of hope and survival. That no matter how hard life kicks us in the shins, we have to get back up and make the best of things. That when we set about making the best of things, sooner or later we will realize that the life we built is a million miles away from the pain and hardship that nearly dragged us down to where we couldn’t get up anymore. Marcia shows herself as a true warrior and I want to thank her for sharing her story. Then I want to encourage each and every woman who gets the chance to read this book. Take your own empowerment away from Marcia’s story. This is a story filled with betrayal and hardship but shows a ‘never stay down’ kind of rallying cry as well. I would say, in this day, we all need a little reminder that no matter how bad it gets, we can make it through and see the sunshine again.