Grant Goldfinch, Founder aussie essence

It’s not often you put everything on hold to finish a book but after reading the first few chapters I knew I had no choice. An emotional roller coaster through this strong lady’s life, through all the heart ache, twists and turns.

As I was reading, it made memories and emotions come back to me about my story/people etc and what a huge credit to Marcia to connect with the reader like that. Sharing some similar family experiences, I could understand how she was feeling and so many more I couldn’t even have imagined, but Marcia took me there with her words, leaving me absolutely gob smacked.

Reading about Marcia’s journey and overcoming so much out of her control, I know will help others who have experienced weight issues, addiction, betrayal, loss of loved ones and all the other shitty things life throws at us. It’s a story that is uniquely Marcia’s. Life gave her every reason to be bitter and twisted but here she is a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. A must read.