Kerry Cashman

Biographies are my favourite genre. I love the rawness and openness of a true story as the author lays out their life for all to read. When it’s done well, like Marcia has done here, you can feel her pain, the sadness, joy and every emotion that she’s feeling. This book will have you leafing through each page devouring its contents and hoping that the next chapter will bring her relief and salvation. Her descriptions are perfectly written, and you can almost sense being and seeing everything that she is describing Although her first book, she writes like a professional who captures her public’s attention from the opening lines and has you on board as witness to all her journey.

Not that it is all sad. Her Mother plays a major role in her life and her Mum’s witticisms will have you chuckling along and loving her also which is a welcome relief from all the pain endured.

It’s a rollercoaster ride. Definitely worth the trip.