Monica Kade, Writer & Podcast Host

It’s Marcia’s ability to tell her truth and find the light in darkest of moments that makes her story so engaging. It’s her strength, resilience and open heart that makes her story relatable to many women. It’s her willingness to talk about the somewhat unspeakable and heartbreaking moments that so often as a society we shy away from that give others the opportunity to not feel alone. As a writer myself, I know it takes a lot to look within and deal with those hard emotions or experiences that have happened to us. And, to then tell the truth about these —

it’s a courageous act of itself. If you know heartbreak, if you know pain, if you feel alone in the challenges life has presented you, this book may just be the catalyst to helping you heal. It may just remind you that you are human and we each have a story and no matter what it looks like, you can learn, grow and live the life you want, despite what has happened to you along the way. You just have to listen to your heart and realise, you always have a choice.