Pip Cody

I loved this book! Even though her life story has many painful and harrowing events, author Marcia Abboud still manages to tell it in a very engaging way, with plenty of irreverent humour and moments of profound insight and compassion, both for herself and for others. With all our faults and foibles, most of us are just doing the best we can, in the situation we’re in, with the resources we’ve got. We’re far from perfect, any of us. That said, sometimes people make shitty choices, with harmful consequences. Dealing with those consequences can take a lifetime, if we are even brave enough to begin dealing with them at all. This is the story of a brave woman, a woman who did not let herself be buried under a pile of consequences. May it encourage you, in the moments when you may not be feeling so brave… and may you also get a few bloody good laughs out of it along the way!