Praise for ‘Every Shitty Thing’

Every Shitty Thing by Marcia Abboud sets out to remind everyone that sometimes the hardest of our trials sets us up for our greatest moments. Marcia learned at a young age that the men in her life could not be trusted, for anything other than disappointment and pain. Growing up in 1970s Sydney, she learned fast that the only place she could really find peace was in food. Marcia had every reason to lie down and let the shit that happens in life steamroll over her as it had since she was a child. Except as it would turn out, Marcia had one thing to fight for in the end, something that could have truly pushed her over the edge but instead was a foundation of rebuilding; her daughter.

I will openly admit that I chose to read this book because the title was something that I could relate to. The moment I read the title I said to myself, “Well, ain’t that the truth - looks like a straightforward story here,” and I was not disappointed. Marcia is a straight shooter who does not sugarcoat anything and that is something I find so relatable. Her story seems to leap off the pages as you read and you can feel yourself walking along the path her life takes as if you are her invisible friend, observing or at least listening to her spin the story instead of reading about it. To me, those are the best stories, the ones that make you feel part of them.

This is a very real look at life and how it can kick all of us any time it wants, whatever age we are. However, I came away from this book with a message of hope and survival. That no matter how hard life kicks us in the shins, we have to get back up and make the best of things. That when we set about making the best of things, sooner or later we will realize that the life we built is a million miles away from the pain and hardship that nearly dragged us down to where we couldn’t get up anymore. Marcia shows herself as a true warrior and I want to thank her for sharing her story. Then I want to encourage each and every woman who gets the chance to read this book. Take your own empowerment away from Marcia's story. This is a story filled with betrayal and hardship but shows a 'never stay down' kind of rallying cry as well. I would say, in this day, we all need a little reminder that no matter how bad it gets, we can make it through and see the sunshine again.

Kathryn Bennett – Readers’ Favorite

Every Shitty Thing by Marcia Abboud is an autobiographical memoir about the author's life, filled with unimaginable hardship and, ultimately, redemption. The book starts with the suicide of Abboud's brother, Tony, backtracking from there into her Australian childhood and memories of her brothers, then dancing between marriage, family, pregnancy—all littered along the way with heartbreaking details of deception, abuse, and everything one never hopes to come across in a single life. In this sense, Abboud makes the reader feel like she's lived half a dozen lives, but is somehow able to weave her life story with grace, humor, and an authentic voice.

Every Shitty Thing is definitely one of the better memoirs that I've read, although it is certainly one of the hardest as well. Reviews of autobiographical memoirs can be tricky as it often feels like judgment is being passed on more than just the writing, but for all of her past troubles, Marcia Abboud is also a highly gifted and exceptionally skilled writer. There is a grit to the narrative that makes sure we do not forget that it is written by a woman who has been there, done that, and not just survived...but flourished. This is balanced with prose that is beautiful and complex, leaving me with the feeling that she has found the path she was meant to be on. I love a good tale of a woman who overcomes every obstacle thrown in front of her, and what Abboud delivers in this book couldn't be more engrossing even if it was fiction.

Asher Syed – Readers’ Favorite

Every Shitty Thing by Marcia Abboud is the heartbreaking and triumphant journey of a woman who grew up in Sydney in the 70s and experienced emotional turmoil. At a very early age she suffered betrayal, abuse, and gradually learned to hate herself. She found an escape in food, always dreaming of running off someday. In this memoir the author captures with ruthless clarity her experience of a lifetime of betrayal and deception, lifting the veil to let readers see her pain and captivating them as she makes the passage from despair to hope, finally finding love along the way.

Marcia Abboud speaks from her pain and from the very center of her vulnerability, a place she's learned to receive both joy and heartache. It is interesting to see the transformation she undergoes, refusing to be defined by her pain. In this memoir she explores themes of family, abuse, brotherhood, the quest for happiness, self-acceptance, and solitude, sharing raw emotions with readers and presenting them with a heart in pain. But this is also a story of hope, a memoir with a strong message, one that encourages readers to never stop loving themselves, to let their wounds open because then healing flows into other areas of their life. The prose is beautiful and the scenes are vividly described and focused. Every Shitty Thing: One Woman's Journey Through Brothers, Betrayals and Botox will uplift you and increase your hope for a better tomorrow. Inspiring and gripping!

Christian Sia – Readers’ Favorite

Every Shitty Thing is a heart-wrenching tale that peels back the cover of childhood trauma and its long-lasting effects. But it is so much more than that. It is a tale of family, of betrayal, of the things we do for love and what is done to us in love's name. Marcia's armour is dented in places, shattered in others, but with hope as her weapon, she fights for the life and love she deserves. Told with honesty and humour, this is a book I couldn't put down.

Amanda J Spedding, two-time Australian Shadows Award winner

You would assume that being a part of someone's life for many years you would get to know them really well - what they stand for, how they plug into society, who they are and what makes them tick. But we hide in closets, behind our alter egos or simply wear a mask. ‘Every Shitty Thing’ is a testament that until you know yourself, no one will ever get to know you. Our memories make us who we are today. It takes courage to relive those moments. A beautiful and thought-provoking journey where I too learnt many lessons. An inspiring read and one I am grateful Marcia chose to share.

Sean Ashby, aussieBum

Marcia Abboud openly comes to terms with the betrayals, shame and self-loathing which took her to the edge of the darkest abyss. This compelling memoir is about family violence, addiction, sexual abuse, suicide, motherhood, secrets, loss, sorrow, resilience, honesty — and is written with the authentic voice and wry humour which only insight and hindsight can bring – a rare achievement.

Carolyn Leigh, Author and curator

Late last year (2018) I read Every Shitty Thing. I absolutely loved this book and I could not put it down. It resonated with me as I thought about my own struggles. Marcia’s courage and strength is something I can relate to, even more so now. Since finishing the book, I read bits of it every now and then just to help me stay as strong as the author. I have bought a copy for a few friends and also my daughter in law and they love this book as well. Thanks Marcia for writing this book and allowing yourself to forgive the men in your life. I look forward to your next book.

Marilyn MacFadyen

Marcia, I bought your book directly from your website a while ago. Last night I started reading it. I powered through until way past midnight and got up early to keep going. I’m not really a reader but I have loved it. I was so sad when you described your mum passing. I’m so sorry. I’ve only got about 80 pages to go and I’ll be sad to finish it. Thank you for a wonderful read and especially for your handwritten slip that I only noticed last night. I saw so much of me in your book.

I finished. I cried like a baby at the end. I loved it. I’m so happy you found happiness. What an amazing story. To all women – it’s a great read!

Louise Thompson

I loved this book, its honest, raw and to the point. The author endured so many betrayals, from her parents and brothers and then from the man she had trusted implicitly, her husband.
There were many parts where I sat in total amazement that the author could even get out of bed in the morning, but she did, she has forged ahead in her life with determination, courage, and humour. I know many of us who grew up in dysfunctional families will be able to relate, on some level, to the author's life and just what it takes to move forward one step at a time.
So if you ever felt like your life was so fucked up there was no way out, you need to read this book

Jillian Grey

I loved this book! Even though her life story has many painful and harrowing events, author Marcia Abboud still manages to tell it in a very engaging way, with plenty of irreverent humour and moments of profound insight and compassion, both for herself and for others. With all our faults and foibles, most of us are just doing the best we can, in the situation we're in, with the resources we've got. We're far from perfect, any of us. That said, sometimes people make shitty choices, with harmful consequences. Dealing with those consequences can take a lifetime, if we are even brave enough to begin dealing with them at all. This is the story of a brave woman, a woman who did not let herself be buried under a pile of consequences. May it encourage you, in the moments when you may not be feeling so brave... and may you also get a few bloody good laughs out of it along the way!

Pip Cody

Wow. Just wow. Read the whole thing in one sitting. Thank you for such an honest and humbling experience. This was just what I needed.

Fee Townshend

Everyone has a story. These stories, positive or negative, affect the way we think, feel and act. Our stories mould us and make us who we are. Marcia’s story is painful, raw and, in a strange way, beautiful for she writes in the light of truth. I was captured from the first word to the last, drawn in by the bravery and courage of her truth. Although it sounds like a cliché, this memoir is definitely a ‘must read’!

John Scott, Founder & CEO, Platform Me

I couldn't put it down. I read Every Shitty Thing in one sitting. I felt like I inhaled and didn't exhale until I'd consumed all of it. An engrossing and agonising read... just when I thought nothing worse could happen ... it did... but at the same time the story is engaging, witty and warm. This is a book about courage and resilience, and what it means to keep showing up even when the odds are stacked against you. Marcia writes bravely and fearlessly. Thank you for sharing your story. Especially the difficult parts.

Kate Shand, Author

It’s not often you put everything on hold to finish a book but after reading the first few chapters I knew I had no choice. An emotional roller coaster through this strong lady’s life, through all the heart ache, twists and turns.

As I was reading, it made memories and emotions come back to me about my story/people etc and what a huge credit to Marcia to connect with the reader like that. Sharing some similar family experiences, I could understand how she was feeling and so many more I couldn’t even have imagined, but Marcia took me there with her words, leaving me absolutely gob smacked.

Reading about Marcia’s journey and overcoming so much out of her control, I know will help others who have experienced weight issues, addiction, betrayal, loss of loved ones and all the other shitty things life throws at us. It’s a story that is uniquely Marcia’s. Life gave her every reason to be bitter and twisted but here she is a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. A must read.

Grant Goldfinch, Founder aussie essence

What I loved about this book was Marcies ability to own every single life experience with brutal honesty, combined with genuine sincerity & a sense of compassion for the 'other players' throughout her life. She has chosen to write about them as colourful flawed human beings who we are capable of understanding & empathising with. She has not depicted them as shallow characters simply included in her memoir to loathe which - equals boring. What I took away from reading her memoir is that despite everything she had thrown at her, it was still written with love - love and heartache sprinkled with humour.


Amazing. I couldn’t put it down and read it from cover to cover in one go. I was taken on journey that was beyond captivating. Those skelton’s certainly got rattled and exposed in this journey. Well done Marcia, your mum would be proud. I highly recommend this, but have your tissues handy and be prepared to pick up your jaw on more than one occasion!


I felt anger, I felt shame, I felt compassion, I felt heartbreak, I deeply felt the life journey of a resilient smart & intelligent woman who laid it bare and wrote it down. This is her story and it is an extremely emotional journey, be prepared.


'Every Shitty Thing’ is a raw, honest and relatable memoir of a woman’s journey through life’s highs and lows; from love and friendship, to heartbreak, loss and betrayal.
As an old friend of Marce’s, I was touched to be included in her book and loved reliving memories of our youth and time together. I highly recommend picking yourself up a copy for an emotional ride, full of humour, inspiration and hope

Catherine Gray

I found it inspiring to read this survival story through some life challenges that would fell many of us. Told with ruthless honesty and humour, the author reveals her extraordinary compassion for the characters in her life and her book, while not letting anyone off the hook. Including herself. It's a wonderful tale of survival that made me view my own journey with more compassion.

Judy Campbell

Many come to me to discuss writing a book and my response to each is typically glib. Imagining writing a book is easy, I tell them. But actually, writing a book, taking that seemingly endless and often painful journey from first word to last, is far more difficult than you could ever imagine, I say. Then finding an agent, an editor, a publisher etc who will treat your work with respect … well, that’s an entirely new mountain to climb. Only the very toughest make it. That’s what I told Marcia.

Of course, at the time I didn’t know her full story. Now I do. And now I understand how she developed the mental toughness to put together this hard-hitting, autobiographical masterpiece. This is hip-hop's literary equivalent, a stark, no-holds-barred story of courage, perseverance, tenacity and desperation that is as real as it gets. Of course she finished it. Nothing stops Marcia, as you’ll discover amongst these pages.

Don’t expect teddy bears or ponies, princesses or ballerinas. Every Shitty Thing is one woman’s story of survival in what often amounts to suburban hell. It is a story to which we can all, in one way or another, relate. It is deeply and intensely personal and real, and contains lessons for every reader. Don’t miss out.

Chris Sheedy, Director, The Hard Word